Our Team

Tom Licciardello, Your Coach


I’m a runner. I’m a triathlete. I’m a skier. I’m an Obstacle Course Racer. Those passions have made me a passionate financial advisor.   How? This is my journey.

As a young teenager, I was, frankly, adrift.  My group of friends weren’t “high achievers”, and I didn’t care much for school, and I wasn’t very popular.  As a small kid, I wasn’t a very good prospect for football or basketball, and my self-esteem was pretty low. 

What I did have was a guidance counsellor, Mr. Tom Powers, who took me under his wing and set me on a new path.  He was my compass in a new journey.  He got me on the wrestling team.  Yes, this skinny little kid with no athletic background joined the team.  Was I scared?  Of course.  I didn’t know what to expect. But what a difference that made.

I soon learned that I was far more capable than I thought.  Mr. Powers saw something in me that I didn’t see, and my coach, Mr. Crozier, taught me that with effort and focus, I could be a real athlete.  Did it work? You bet.

From my tentative start in wrestling, I became my school’s first New England Wrestling Champion, joined and captained the Cross-Country and Track teams, Continued wrestling in College and became a New England College Wrestling Champion, and most importantly discovered my road to a fulfilling life.

Since then, I’ve run 90 marathons, competed in Hawaii at the World Championship Ironman, and done dozens of Spartan/Tough Mudder events. 

From my life experiences, I learned that it can be intimidating to explore challenges, but with the right guidance, trusted advice, and a good compass, far greater success than expected is within reach. So it is with financial planning, too. 

In 1970, I married my high school sweetheart, Lyn, and then graduated with my bachelor’s degree the following year and began my ten-year career as a public-school teacher.  By 1976, I earned my master’s degree and became the proud Dad to two beautiful girls.

In 1981, I began my new journey in the Financial Services industry earning my Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation in 1987. Since then, I have been carefully listening to my clients as they describe their financial hopes and dreams and then help them chart their pathway to success.