Your Compass

The Financial Plan

The first and most important step on the road to financial wellness is the development of a plan that reflects your goals, your philosophy, and your aspirations.  The plan is your compass, and decisions can be made more confidently when referenced against a well-thought plan.


Once I have a clear view of where you would like to go, we collaborate on the most effective way of getting there.  Your current resources, your ongoing commitment to the plan, and regular reviews make the journey far less uncertain.

What It’s Like Working with A Certified Financial Planner

As a CFP, my mandate is to always place the interests of my clients ahead of my own.  Carrying the CFP designation assures that my clients will be treated with the highest ethical standards. 


In every transaction throughout our lives, we all seek to be treated fairly.  We know that total transparency engenders trust, and we pledge that our clients will have a clear view of the financial planning process and cost of services provided.

Whether our assignment is to serve as a consultant, or to take on the complete role from plan development to implementation, full disclosure of any and all costs is provided in advance of any commitment to engage our services.

At Licciardello Financial Services, we firmly adhere to the CFP Code of Ethics and Professional Services

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